Gellibaff Play Bundle

GelliBaff Play Bundle

A fun bundle of items allowing children to explore different textures and learning through their hands.


Set includes:

  • x2 Gellibaff Crackle Baff – magical popping dust to make your water play crackle and pop.
  • x1 Gellibaff White snow – turns water into realistic fluffy snow
  • x1 Slimon Shooter – shoot and squirt water or slime with the new Slimon Shooter!
  • x1 Gellibaff Slime baff – the easiest slime to make! A powder that turns ordinary water into slime!
  • x2 Gellibaff GelliPlay – completely safe and unique power that turns ordinary water into Gelly Goo.

All products are completely safe and suitable for ages 3+

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