Easter Egg Hunt ideas

If you’re looking for something different from a traditional Easter egg hunt then we have a few ideas to get you started.  In our house it is more about the hunting and following a trail before we find a little treasure at the end!


Easter Treasure Hunt.

This hunt is designed to lead the kids from one clue to another until they ultimately reach the end prize (in our house this is an Easter treat!

Write a set of clues and then hide them around the house or garden to lead on to the next clue.
Check out our clue ideas here.
Easter treasure hunt
Easter treasure hunt – answers
Ink saver Easter treasure hunt
Ink saver Easter treasure hunt – answers

Easter1Egg Hunt Markers

Cut Easter themed shapes (eggs, bunnies, carrots) out of card and stick to wooden craft sticks.  Place them around the garden to help guide little ones to their little treats.


Scavenger Hunt

This is great to do in or outside.  Write a list of items the kids need to collect in order to complete their scavenger hunt.

Check out below for some ideas:
Indoor Savenger Hunt -toddler
IndoorScavenger Hunt – kids
Outdoor Savenger Hunt -kids
Outdoor Savenger Hunt -toddler

IMG_8877Toddler Easter Egg Matching Hunt

On a large piece of paper draw different Easter themed items (eggs, bunnies, carrots etc).  On separate pieces of paper draw the same pictures but place these around the house or garden. Get your little one to go and find the picture and bring it back to the large piece of paper and match the image.

We’d love to hear about any Easter trails and hunts you do! Let us know on our Facebookor Instagram page!

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